Pamela Abbey

Pam began her dramatic career in the fourth grade, when she produced, directed and starred in the class Halloween play! She received a B. A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Indianapolis, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, and the M. A. from the University of Minnesota. She also served as the Theatre Arts Coordinator for Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis.

Ordained as a United Methodist pastor after receiving an M.Div. at Pacific School of Religion, she served as a parish pastor in northern California for 20 years, bringing dramatic flair to the congregations she served. Currently, she is the chairperson of the Drama Area for the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts, and writes a regular column on drama ministry for “Worship Arts”.
Actress, pastor, singer and writer, she is now bringing together her passion for the theatre and her passion for the church in a unique way as she helps congregations build the drama ministry they have dreamed of having. With humor, energy, compassion and a good understanding of church dynamics, she can assist your congregation in developing a drama ministry that works for your specific needs.

Jennifer Weil

Jennifer Weil is the founding director of Acts of God®, a worship performance group affiliated with Christ Church United Methodist, Santa Rosa, California. A union actress, playwright, author, and award-winning poet, Ms. Weil grew up in Los Angeles. She moved to Sonoma County, bought some Root® shoes and a poncho, and only returned to L.A. to pick up her bed and her typewriter. She has been middle school teacher, live mannikin, short order cook, personnel secretary, yoga teacher, and journalist, among other things. Her works include the children’s books Marvin’s Lump, And Peter Said Good-bye, and William’s Gift; and ghost-written books on raising escargot and breeding chickens.  She has published short stories and poetry in magazines and collections including Half-tones to Jubilee, Teen, Sonoma Mandala, and Present at the Creation.  Her current projects include completion of her novel based on Samson, Samuel, and Delilah. Ms. Weil now lives in Traverse City, MI, with her dog, her husband, and a deep appreciation for snow.