Core Values

Acting in Faith is undergirded by the belief that the arts are a means of spiritual growth. When we make art, we are participating in God’s creative action in the world.  When we prepare drama for worship, we pray and hope that it will make worship deeper and more meaningful for the congregation. But the process of creating drama is a spiritual discipline in itself, and leads to spiritual growth for the participants.
            Acting in Faith strives for excellence in drama ministries.  Whether working in the church or in a secular environment, all art should be done for the glory of God. This calls for our very best efforts and opening ourselves to the work of God’s creative spirit.
            At the same time, the church should be a safe place for people to explore something new, fall on their face, and get up and try again.  Drama ministries need to encourage those new to the art as well as challenge those who have experience.
            The ideal model for a church drama team is a group that meets weekly for prayer and sharing, skill building and rehearsal, and participates regularly in Sunday worship. This allows for the greatest spiritual growth of team members and helps them hone their drama skills.  It also solves the logistical problem of finding time to rehearse and clearing space on the calendar.
            We realize that this is the ideal and may not be possible in some congregations for a variety of reasons. We’re happy to work with congregations and drama teams to determine the most effective model of drama ministry in their setting.
            Most of all, we believe that humans are made in the image of God.  Each of us is creative!  Our goal is to help people of faith discover their God-given creativity and express it in their church community.