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Members of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts may download scripts by Pamela Abbey at no cost on the FUMMWA website. 

Go to www.umfellowship.org, to sign up for access.

You can download scripts on the site at: https://umfellowship.org/resources/collections/acting-in-faith

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MN-PA-001 The Lost One Luke 15:11-32
The elder brother of the Prodigal Son helps us understand that there is more than one way to be lost. He learns that he was even more lost than his rebellious, profligate, younger brother.
MN-PA-002 Out on a Limb To accompany Luke 19:1-10
Zaccheus, who always felt like the “runt of the litter”
remembers how his life was fueled by resentment and anger. That
is, until the day his curiosity led him “out on a limb” to
see the new young preacher, Jesus.
MN-PA-003 Choosing Life To accompany John 11:1-45
Calling Lazarus back into life was Jesus' greatest miracle. But what would it be like to be Lazarus himself? This monologue brings a unique perspective as Lazarus remembers the choice he had to make.
MN-PA-004 Ears to Hear A monologue for Palm Sunday. Mark1:1-11; Zechariah 9:9. This touching monologue views the events of Palm Sunday though the eyes of an innocent young donkey. Definitely not "cutesy", a twist at the end directs the congregation's attention to the coming crucifixion. This monologue is a wonderful way to set the stage for Holy Week.
MN-Pa-005 Cry of the Outcast Genesis 16:1-6, 21:8-21
Hagar remembers how God heard her cries in the deesrt and rescued her and her son, Ishmael. God's promises to her came to pass, just as surely as God's promises to Abraham. This engaging monologue will help your congregation learn the story of this little-known biblical woman.
MN-PA-006 Giving with a Flourish Luke 21:1-4, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
A delightful widow named Gladys shares the long journey she made from “grumpy giver” to “cheerful giver”.  Her story helps congregations view a challenging vision of stewardship without feeling threatened.  The author has been invited to perform this in many churches, and always receives a superb response. By Pamela Abbey.


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