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LS-W-001 Why Me God? Based on the whole book of Job. 45 Minutes
13-15 people. Set: Bare stage, except for an arm chair and standing lamp. Props: Rocks, dead tree, notes.)
Themes: Obedience, Loyalty, Patience, Humility

In which a good man has all good fortune, then nothing except bad skin and woe, then all good fortune again; God wagers with the Devil, and critical friends get their comeuppance. A funny drama by Jennifer Weil. Please contact Acting in Faith for perusal pages and royalty
LS-W-002 Why the Chimes Rang
A lovely adaptation of the old Christmas legend, in which the meaning of Christmas is made clear through the actions of a child. An excellent centerpiece for a Christmas Eve service. It is written to be presented by two readers, but can easily be turned into a readers theatre. $15
Time: 15 minutes without music, 20 minutes with suggested Christmas carols. Themes: Hope, Love, Gift, Charity. By Jennifer Weil.
LS-W-003 The Christmas Tree that Sneezed
In which an overlooked Christmas Tree learns about faith, patience, and divine intervention, and that perserverance has its rewards. A wonderful intergenerational piece. $15
1 - 14 voices. Set: platforms recommended if using the larger number of voices. Time: 15 minutes. Themes: Purpose, Hope, Patience, Love. By Jennifer Weil.
LS-W-004 Hadassah: The Name of a Queen The Book of Esther
10 minutes. 2 woman, 4 men. Set: None. Props: Scepter, signet ring.
Themes: Patience, Wisdom, Justice.
In which an adopted Jewish woman marries King Ahasuerus, become the most powerful woman in her country, reveals her true identity, makes her father the king’s second in command and saves the Jews! By Jennifer Weil.. $15
LS-W-005 Peter, Poppins, and Pan
25 minutes. 17 actors, 3 may be doublecast.
Themes: Charity, Love, Awe, Belief.
In which we encounter Ebenezer Scrooge and the Cratchits but not much else is familiar. A play in rhymed couplets that is funny, offbeat, and somehow true to the spirit of Dickens’ original Christmas classic. Jesus, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan appear as the ghosts. By Jennifer Weil. $15.


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