The Genesis Series

God created a whole universe in six days. Pam can help you create an exciting and excellent drama ministry in six days!
The Genesis Series is six full-day workshops (six hours of teaching time each session) devoted to training and equipping your congregation’s drama team.  Each session will include basic acting and directing techniques, working with pastors and worship committees,  team building and spiritual growth.  In addition, we will be doing practical application during each session that will result in useable worship dramas.
Workshops can be scheduled with great flexibility. They can be spread over several months, or you can agree to work really hard and do two during a weekend. Churches near San Francisco may also have the option of doing twelve weeknight sessions.
Maximum: 20 persons

From Scripture to Script

A one-day workshop that focuses on working with the biblical text as a basis for drama in worship. Beginning with simple but effective dramatic readings, we then explore what happens by adding movement, memorization and a bit of creativity. A perfect workshop for congregations that are just getting started with drama in worship or simply want the presentation of scripture in worship to be more effective.
Maximum: 20 persons